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The Healing Power of Group

Do you feel trapped in repetitive loops?  Do the same relationships and experiences repeat themselves time and again? Or maybe you feel unable to navigate your way out of a professional rut? What if there was a way to clear these cycles… to undo destructive habits, free yourself from negative patterns and learn to face the world by tapping into the confidence and vitality that resides in us all. 

This is an important time; there is much beauty and joy but also conflict and pain. One of the challenges we each face is finding our place within this world of infinite opportunities and challenges. Who am I, what is important to me and am I able to express myself in a way that feels seen, heard and empowered? These are essential questions but ones we rarely get to ask, let alone experience. 

If you have had enough of the status quo and feel ready to upgrade your life, then we invite you to make a stand for yourself: to explore, experience and adventure through the healing power of group.

Space is limited to only eight people and will require attendance to at least four out of the six planned sessions. The group will be ‘closed’ allowing us time to build trust, explore our strengths and vulnerabilities and connect to ourselves and each other in more fulfilling way. 

Be prepared to connect like you have never connected, feel like you have never felt and be who you are destined to be. 

About Oliver James:

Oliver James is a certified body led psychotherapist, breathworker and conscious movement instructor. With over fifteen years of health and wellbeing experience, Oliver is known for his playful and inquisitive nature and a passion for the magic that arises when balance is brought to mind, body and spirit. Engaging a dynamic collection of therapeutic tools and techniques, Oliver will gently challenge you to:

- confront unhealthy aspects of self

- take responsibility and action for your dreams and aspirations 

- work through aspects of daily life that can seem stuck, confusing or difficult.

- harness the higher-self qualities innate in us all

You can expect a safe and engaging adventure into the world of process work; through conscious movement, expression, breath and bodywork, you will be supported to strengthen your physical and emotional container and challenged to reclaim self-responsibility and authenticity. 

By joining this group, you affirm yourself a compassionate journey to heal the past and inspire your future.


Sessions start on Tuesday, 7th April 2020. This group will run every Tuesday between 09:30-11:30


Sessions take place in a beautiful, private venue in Branksome Chine.


Early bird price: £70 for six sessions over six weeks when deposit is received before 24th March 2020 (£95 there after).

Payment plans and scholarships available for those requiring financial support to attend sessions. 

Please enquire for details. 

Who is this for:

Group Process work is for anyone looking to:

Transform the way they engage and interact with loved ones, family, friends and the world at large.

Heal past conflict, challenges and trauma.

Be able to connect with greater authenticity, trust and intimacy.

Develop a healthier relationship to wellbeing and work-life balance.

Tap into one’s creativity and zest for life.

Free themselves from self-doubt, procrastination and negative thinking.

Contact Sam from Bournemouth Meditation to find out more or request an application on 07703621730.

What is Core Energetics

Core Energetics is an approach that marries Body Psychotherapy with Spiritual Development; by enhancing a participant’s self-awareness and aliveness. It helps us connect, in a very practical way, to who we are and what we want in life whilst restoring inner wisdom and our capacity to grow, no matter the challenges we face. It is a process that can heal long-lasting traumas and bring about fundamental change.

How does it work? 

Core Energetics uses a wide variety of techniques to more seamlessly interact mind, body and spirit. Contemporary research is proving that how we think and experience the world is more than a psychological process; to make lasting change and transformation, we need to engage our entire system. 

By combining expression (talk-style therapy) with the natural mobilisation of the body, we are able to release long-held defence patterns, challenge belief systems and relieve our usual coping mechanisms. We are also able to “input” healthier patterns and approaches which reveal our natural authenticity and lead us to a more balanced and integrated self. 

Core Energetics is also very effective at bringing consciousness to how we block our energy; many of these blocks are defence patterns created and adapted in childhood; we experience limitations and disempowerment where our energy distorts or lacks flow.

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is the engagement of defined breathing patterns and breathing techniques to explore, restore and transform. The effectiveness and capability of Breathwork is attributed to how breathing relates to every system in the body. Breathing is most often unconsciously engaged through reflex loops of the brain stem and our limbic system (emotions). Since it can be consciously controlled, Breathwork is proving an effective means to access elements of the subconscious in a practical and effective way. 

What is Conscious Movement?

Rarely are we aware of posture and how our body moves within a defined space but much information can be found this way; by watching ourselves and engaging or copying others, we are able to ask questions, explore impetus and unwind habit; our body’s are like road maps present our life’s joy and confidence in relationship to  our challenges and trauma. Since the majority of movement is unconscious, we open a unique and healing door engaging with it consciously with purpose and compassion.

To book, call/text Sam on 07703621730 or click on the link below to send an email reservation. We will confirm your place and the location of the group

Healing Power Of Group: Classes
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