The purpose of this group is to help explore the world of meditation. There will be opportunity to connect with a variety of meditation practices, both passive and active.

Benefits of the class include:

- Reducing stress and body-held tension

- Connecting to inner happiness, peace and sense of joy. 

- Promoting emotional health by supporting release of emotions such as anxiety, grief and rage

- Development of compassion and self-awareness

- Slow the signs of aging (both physical and mental!)

- Experience a variety of techniques from around the world

Connect 19:20

19:30 Opening ceremony and engagement of techniques to ground and energise

Integration of guided meditation techniques, including breath, imagery, movement and mindfulness

Meditation closing ceremony with opportunity to share

Charge: £5 a class or £10 for four weeks.

either book online or message Sam. once you've booked the session we will message with the Zoom details to join the group. Payments can be via PayPal or bank transfer, for bank transfer click pay in person and I will contact you with the details