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Every Sunday 7:00-8:00am

The aim of the session is to provide you with a space to practice the art of silent meditation; whether this be breath, transcendental, or similar.

Benefits of the group include:

- Learning to calm mind, body and spirit

- Rest, recuperation and boosting vitality

- Exploring deep, inner work

- Developing consciousness and self-awareness 

- Promoting emotional health by processing frustration and judgement 

- Developing your own private practice

What to bring

It is advisable to bring your own meditation 'seats' (pillows/bean bags, etc) as these are key to supporting your own practice in the long run. Bring a blanket and warm clothing. 

Beginners though to experienced meditators welcome.

No charge.

To book, call/text Sam on 07703621730 or click on the link below and send an email to find out more

Silent Meditation: Classes
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