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What is Breath Control?

First of all... it feels important to explain there are two strains of Breath Control that you might come come across. Both are (in)famous in their own way but let us clarify to avoid confusion!

There is Breath Control that navigates precision in breathing for health and vitality and there is Breath Control that explores breath's capacity for sexual gratification and corporal domination. Incase your own breathing stalled for a moment, let us take a big breath in and exhale! Glad we got that out the way.

Though they are VERY different in practice, perhaps their underlying intention is the same: to demonstrate, in a very real way, how powerful breathing can be to alter physical state and focus.

In tonight's Simplicity class we will be exploring the former... Breath Control to navigate our breath's capacity to inspire health and vitality. If you are wondering what this looks like, it is helpful to ask: what do I know about my breath. Take a moment now to find out. Shut your eyes and notice:

- What parts of your breath do you feel most... the inhale or exhale?

- Where is the effort in your breath... are you are more of an inhaler or an exhale?

- Does your breath expand and contract evenly or does it feel more haphazard and random

As you can imagine, we could fill a book with questions to explore and discover.

Alongside opening up our entire body with breath and nourishing movement, tonight's class will be an opportunity to explore your own capacity for Breath Control. It is actually a lot of fun to play with breath; much like a board game, we find a capacity to deepen skill and awareness and an opportunity to master parts of ourselves thatwe never knew we could master. (Oh... and if you would like to practice the latter, that is a whole other workshop!)

To discover Breath Control for yourself, or to ensure you do not miss out on future sessions like it, sign up on our webpage or message 07703621730.

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