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Why should I do Breathwork?

We are often asked: “Why should I do Breathwork?” The answer is actually very simple - breath is part of EVERYTHING we do. Since it is ALWAYS happening... why not join in? Why not make conscious something that is taking place from the moment of our first breath, to the moment of our last?

So intertwined is breath with our thoughts, emotions and our whole body, that by practicing breath we open ourselves up to our fuller potential. We can restore our body. We can balance our mind. We can improve our lives.

Simplicity Series

Our Simplicity Series (running every Monday, from 22nd February - 5th April 2021) is about opening up Breathwork for our ourselves. Each week, we will take key themes and ask ourselves: "what is breath about, how does breath impact me and what is possible for me as I discover my own relationship with breath?

Tonight will be about exploring BREATH PLACEMENT. Perhaps you didn't realise it, but your breath 'places' itself with every inhale and exhale. On the whole, each breath is similar to the one before but, the moment we deepen awareness, we find each is like a finger print: unique and fine tuned to the moment in time that you are living at this present moment.

We can learn A LOT about ourselves from placement. There is the obvious questions such as "am I chest breather or belly breather" but what about the differences between my left and right side? Or my front and back? And what happens when I breathe in between?

Since our breath intertwines so succinctly with our life... imagine the changes we can make by changing our breath?

Join Us!

If you would like to join us and find out for yourself, use our contact page or message Sam on 07703621730.

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