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Reformer Pilates

Improve Posture, Strength and Flexibility.Contemporary life is tough on your body! If we aren’t sitting too much or hunched over a lit up screens then we are stressing ourselves out with rush, chaos minds and unhealthy eating. So… what can help?Pilates, of course!Pilates is famous for helping everyone, from the fit and active (to the less fit and less abled) strengthen, tone and generally bring balance to out-of-balance bodies. Benefits of Pilates:Strengthen and tone muscles Improve cardiovascular and respiratory healthImprove flexibility Heal from injury, trauma and surgery.Flush toxins stored in your body. There are many types of Pilates out there. Oliver James is trained in what is known as Classical Pilates. This is the technique considered most closely linked to the way, Joseph Pilates, taught the work. Using the Classical teachings of Joseph Pilates, you will find he also engages his specialisms of Breathwork and Body Led Psychotherapy into every class helping to challenge, inspire and support you to experience yourself in new, dynamic ways.Oliver has studied with some of the great Pilates teachers of this generation including The Taylor Sisters of The Pilates Centre, Blossom Leilani Crawford and Linda Zurak. Sessions can be arranged both in person and online

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