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The Manifesting GOLD of Breathwork through Mantra!

When it comes to Breathwork From Around The World, what often gets missed is the voice.

It is easy not to give it a moments thought but, without breath, we have no voice. Take a moment to try it for yourself. Try to speak without using exhaled (or inhaled!) air. You will have no voice at all.

It is an important reflection because we see this theme time and again in our own lives. The moments where our breath catches on something, because it is challenging, scary or painful, our voice sticks, freezes or strains.

If you have done anything like Throat Chakra work, you will have found yourself in the presence of something extraordinary... the moment when thought and intention manifests into the world. To let out what is inside of us is incredibly healing (and often cathartic) but, we can use it in reverse as well.

Through mantra - repeating words or sentences over and over, we offer ourselves a moment to think something, say it, heart it, feel it and (most important of all) to experience it over and again.

This will be the theme of tonight... by using breath to engage in powerful, famous mantras, we shall invoke our own hidden power to manifest our intentions in an instant.

Wear/Bring: Clothes comfortable to move in and a mat if you have one of your own.

Sign up on here or message 07703621730 to be sent the online link.

I look forward to the opportunity of breathing with you this evening.


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