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Would you like to open a magical space in the woods today? Try this breath

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

You would think breathing in nature is as easy as it gets. Our body responds to the cleaner air gratefully and feels calmed by green views and boosted by phytoncydes to detox and heal itself (Phytoncydes are aromatherapy like smells released by plant matter to combat disease and dissuade pests from eating them)

For many, this is enough.

But what if there was more?

What if another world, unknown to you now, could open; what would you see? Enter conscious breath. There are many breaths that we could use to connect consciously to nature.

Having experienced a few forest bathing sessions recently, I wanted to share one I found particularly heart opening.

How to connect with Nature (1)

1. Seated comfortably, inhale for 30 seconds

2. Exhale 30 seconds

Repeat for 10 minutes.

It is as simple as that. BUT... As you start to practice you will find the breath hides something deeper.

Firstly it is actually quite challenging to complete this for perhaps 75% of the population. To maintain both an inhale and exhale for half a minute is no easy task. To maintain it for 10 minutes is another challenge altogether.

Do not worry if unable to complete this breath on your first try. You can start by building up the stamina. If this is you... increase breaths in increments of 2 seconds. You can start on, say, 6 seconds and increase it each day by 2 seconds each day.

8 seconds on day two

10 on day three and so on.

By day 13... you will have it sussed (and be wondering what you found so difficult in the first place!) .

If you are wondering how this breath helps you to connect to nature, it would be best to give it a go and see for yourself. Something opens up that cannot be expressed in words. Something only you can experience.

This breath is great for activities other than sitting in the beauty of nature. It is beneficial for athletes/improving physical fitness, improving focus and dealing with craving / addiction issues. Come and join Bournemouth Meditation on Tuesday 18th December 2018 when we will be exploring a more conscious breath. You can find out more details by visiting


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